PV Ribbon Hi-Speed Tinning Machine

PV Ribbon High Speed Tinning Machine

Product Name : PV Ribbon High Speed Tinning Machine


  • Produce PV Ribbon Wire
  • Principle:Makes the flat copper wire process clean, hot dip tinning, cold down, become the PV Ribbon Wire.
  • High Speed、High Productivity、Lower Tin Loss.
  • Low rate of melting of copper、Low Scrap of Tin, almost didn’t have scrap.Plated thickness could be control, evenly thickness, surface is smooth, no tin slag ,pinhole-free,good straightness. Product quality is stability
  • PLC/Inverter/Servo motor/ Man-machine interface control,Simple operation and easy maintenance, equipment reliability. High C/P value.
  • Operators streamlined, single operator can easily charge 2 high-speed tin machine. The operator’s needful is lower than traditional machine. Cost- effectively reduce

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Auto Pay-off machine Clean tank
Tin plated machine Clean tank
Cooling tank Winding machine

  • Line in Spec:1.0mm ~ 6.0mm (W),0.08mm~0.5mm (T)
  • Plated thickness:10~40um; Both sides of the tin coating thicknessdeviation≦3um
  • Produce speed:70~100 M/min (1 Line) (According to the spec of product) 2 Lines Has 2-fold productivity
  • Productivity:
    • Example: 2.0x0.15mm,working times for 22hr/Day, Speed 100M/min
    • Each line could produce 350kg/Day, 2 Lines could produce 700kg/Day. A month account 25 working days, Productivity is 17.5 Ton/month.P.S.(There has some different speed according to plated thickness and spec of the copper wire)

Equipment composition & Technical parameters:
  • The Equipment is including Pay-off、Clean、Tin plated、Cold down and Winding, 5 devices.
  • Tech/Specification:
Project Composition Motor/Power Control Quantity
Auto Pay-off 
Din 355 Spool Pay-off Set 1HP AC Motor Frequency converter 2 Set
Tension wheel set   Pull-up resistors Foot
Clean Tank 1st Tank Acid pickling  tank Resistance acid-base PUMP
DC power supply (12V 15A)
  1 Set
2nd Tank Pure water tank    
3rd Tank Flux  tank Resistance acid-base PUMP  
Drying duct Blower  3HP  
Tin-plated machine Tin-coated  Devices Heater SCR Temperature control 1 Set
Tin stove 1/4HP AC motor
Heating rods
Auto up and down
Auto-Temperature control
Cooling Tank Cooling System 1.5t Air condition Auto-Temperature control 1 Set
Up side power wheel 750W  servomotor Frequency converter
Winding machine Din 355 Spool 2 lines winding machine Line 400W servomotor
Wind 400W servomotor
10.1”Man-machine interface  HMI
Frequency converter
1 Set
Tension wheel set   Pull-up resistors Foot  
Power supply: AC220V (Tin stove motor)    others: AC 380V
Processing spool: 1 or 2 spools   Temperature control:±1℃     Tin-melting time: 30Min